Will be posting a few screen shot mock up of the new version of the xp


For some time now i started work on a new modified version of Windows XP. Microsoft has stopped support for this version but not yet on my part. I intend to make this new one much more attractive and faster and above all more secure since Windows XP easily get infected with virus.....No i am not saying there will no virus, just that even if you do not use anti-virus you should get some form of security from files easily getting damaged by virus.

As a way of pleasing important people like you. I am putting a lot of time into this to achieve the best that i can. Like i said work is in progress and i am done with repacking a few files and modifying others. Work done is about 40%..........I am more interested in quality and beauty as well.

For heads up!
This version will look like the new Windows 8 with a few elements of my previously modded Windows XP 8.
There will be a new login screen, changing theme changes the cursor and wallpaper automatically to suit the color or theme.
Better integration of Drivers for more compatibility.
 Rework of OEM LOGO script....from Vietnamese to english and addition of names of those who helped in various ways.
Sidebar that looks more like Vista and with Windows 7 elements.
Changed installation screen to accomodate names of anyone who helps
My name "edwin270" will be removed from the right-click menu,
Lots of stuffs removed......will add removed files to the changelog which will be placed on the desktop after installation.
Still sorting out the idea if i should change the boot screen image or maintain the old one......heavily modified ones can slow down the time it takes to boot....but the choice is between those who prefer beauty and for those in need of only speed.

I cannot make this simply for i need every hands on board. Anything that you can do to make this one a national hit............anyone who helps will have his name displayed during installation and also in the changelog and position on this site changed to moderator.
This can be in terms of graphic design to ideas and concepts.

What would you like to see in the upcoming modified version. Every thoughts are welcomed and will do my best to make things quickly..........My laptop is broken so i am using a friends own which i honestly do not get access to everyday.

Work should be completed later in April. Lots of Testing and error correction so that it works for every type of machine regardless of the specification.

Also state if you want to a DVD or CD version.......for DVD version there will be more files and programmes added (this means more work and will be released in May if that is the case. For the CD version only the basic things are added and should install in a few minutes  compared to the DVD one.

let me know what you can do to help.




Been quite busy with school and so many other projects. guess it will still take some time to get this site totally up and running with all the great stuffs.


I have been up recently remaking a windows xp, a DVD Version this time round. It entails a lot of files and so much added files to make your xp very fast, beautiful and enjoyable. Will be giving more info at this page soon.



The site has been updated with new features. Now you can play games, chat, read tech news and get links to other files downloads.

Just navigate around to experience the new changes and updates.


This time i am very happy to say that anyone reading this is welcomed on board to assist in making it a bigger one. Just register for free and help this community


Finally after a very long period of time...........i have managed to completed my moded version of window XP, i must say i am very tired and proud of the output.

I will be posting it soon should anyone want to have a feel of what is entails. O.K, the list of what i added: ability to move task-bar items, visual bar(peek), aero shake,great stability and tweaked for internet connection without much flaws, drivers integrate, passes windows GENUINE advantage check (you can update),beautiful icons and dialog boxes, very nice and great sidebar, starts up quick and very responsive,no annoying error reporting......................just install and enjoy windows the way it should be.............great thanks to Softvnn forum members and Haiter.