1. What is this site all about?

    This site is main aim is to be a place where atl the needs of members and non-members alike in terms of computer related issues will be solved.

  2. Does that mean if i do not have a computer related issue i cannot get help?

    The answer is No. Though the main aim of this site is related to computer stuffs, all other problems can be posted and you will definately get help.

  3. What else can i do at this site?

    There are so many things that can be done here. Play online games, chat online, share videos and pics, post your problems and get answers, read tech news and so much more...........not forgetting bloging.

  4. Do i need to pay to register?

    No. You only need to fill all the information, name, date of birth, location and other relevant information but once again we do not take money form anyone.

  5. Is it necessary that i do register?

    Registeration is all a matter of chioce. You can even sign a guest book if you so wish instead of registering.

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